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Giving a Soular backpack gives the gift of light to a child in need in Africa. Our solar-powered backpack allows a child to charge a lamp with their backpack, giving them the ability to study at night without using kerosene. 

1.3 billion people rely on kerosene as their only source of light after dusk, families living under $1 a day spend 25% of their income on kerosene every month and it causes 4,000 deaths daily.

Our Story

Soular addresses the inability for children to study at night, and the consequent use of kerosene among students. If families can’t afford kerosene, their children can’t study everyday. If families can afford kerosene, students can study, but face significant health problems. At Soular, we enable children to safely, and cost effectively study every night. Our social impact data shows that families now save 20% of their income on kerosene every month, and they're able to spend it on food, water and other basic needs. Children are studying 4-5 hours longer every night. Their health and their grades are improving significantly.