Introducing The World's Most Efficient Solar Powered Backpack

We designed it based on what you want. And it's almost ready.

It's mind blowing, really. 

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But the best part of buying a 1:1 backpack?

1.3 billion people rely on kerosene as their only source of light after dusk, families living under $1 a day spend 25% of their income on kerosene every month and it causes 4,000 deaths daily.

We launched in 2015 with a solar powered backpack that enables children in rural parts of East Africa to study every night without the use of kerosene.

When you buy a 1:1 backpack, you give a Soular Backpack to a child who needs one. Your backpack isn't just a backpack. It represents the gift of light, a brighter future, and being a part of the movement that's lighting up the world. 

Our Story

Soular addresses the inability for children to study at night, and the consequent use of kerosene among students. If families can’t afford kerosene, their children can’t study everyday. If families can afford kerosene, students can study, but face significant health problems. At Soular, we enable children to safely, and cost effectively study every night. Our social impact data shows that families now save 20% of their income on kerosene every month, and they're able to spend it on food, water and other basic needs. Children are studying 4-5 hours longer every night. Their health and their grades are improving significantly.

Our Next Step

The Backpack That Charges Your Phone

We've listened to you, and we've designed it based on what you want. It's better than ever, charges with the sun while you're on the go, and is the best adventure companion.