Our Story

Hi! I'm Salima, the Founder of Soular.
Soular's journey began in 2015 with the mission to light up the world, and provide children in need with solar powered backpacks so they could do their homework every night, without the use of kerosene. I grew up in Kenya, and noticed how many children my age weren't able to get into secondary school simply because they didn't have access to light. I always found this to be extremely unfair. During my undergraduate degree, I started thinking about ways to solve this. After considering 11 different products, a lot of research, human centred design and pivoting, The Soular Backpack was born. We ran a crowdfunding campaign, raised $50,000 to get the first 2,500 backpacks to East Africa and have moved production to Kenya, which we're very excited about!
We've distributed backpacks across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and we're just getting started. 
So far, the journey has been amazing. We get to work on a problem that affects 1.2 billion people, and we're finding viable solutions to it. One day, we hope to have created a brand that exists to create colossal social impact. I'm so excited to have you on this journey with us, and I hope you are too!
-Salima Visram
The Soular Backpack Founder
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